Where’s The Butler

Dreaming….??? Yes, I was dreaming of a Butlers Pantry. A “Room Size” Butlers Pantry. So when we built our new home a few years ago, I erased a couple of rooms from the original floor plan and created my designer pantryButler 2
Come with me on a tour in one of my Favorite Rooms in my home.
Butler 3

Butler 16I wanted a place to keep serving dishes, extra baking supplies and other important entertaining supplies and appliances. And since I created an entire room for all these extras, we also were able to add other nice features too. Below is my Baking Counter, a place to keep my mixer and a cabinet full of mixing bowls.
We installed pullouts in the cabinets to make it easy to find our supplies
Butler 7

Butler 8
And lots of smaller draws to hold napkin rings, cookie cutters, candy molds, and other small items that get lost in big deep drawers.
Butler 10 Butler 15
Have you ever “Hugged a Sink”, I have…lol, yes, I fell in LOVE with this sink. It’s the perfect size for food prepping, cutting watermelons, bathing kids and washing the dog….!!!! There’s enough room for two people to stand at this sink and help with preparing food. This area is also used for Sandwich Making with grill on counter and a two drawer refrigerator…..there is a microwave in above cabinet.

Butler 12
Lots of counter space all the way around…….
Butler 13
And Yes…there’s even a DUMB WAITER….!!! Our girls love for us to fill it with food and drinks and send it up to the theater room. Yes, Life is but a dream…!!

Butler 14
On the left is our Beverage Bar complete with an under counter Ice Maker. I keep our coffee cups and glasses here. We set this area up for serving beverages when we entertain. It’s just around the corner from our kitchen.
Butler 4
And paper carry out plates, napkins and plastic forks and spoons.
Butler 9
Pull-out trash bin and and a corner space for holding cookbooks.
Butler 11
 Butler 1
Butler 5
I’ll be back to share my Apron Collection…..I have a lot..!!!
Apron 20
OK…..so there you have, my DREAM ROOM Butlers Pantry….!!! Yes, life really is but a dream. This one just happened to come true.
More from Lola’s home…….later,

Have Faith, Look Up, Dream Big

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