Loving My New Blog Design

Hi Everyone, it's finally done, just few tweaks left and couldn't wait to see it come alive.
Michelle over at Shabby Creations did such a fantistic job. I'll just need a lttle time to get all the spaces filled in and I'll be ready to get back to my favorite hobby, Blogging...!!!
Happy Holiday Cheer to you all.....I'll be back next week with new bog post and inspiration.
Until then…….Shop Safe, Wrap Happy and take a few moments to Treat yourself …!!!
Merry Christmas, From Our Home To Yours….!!!


Happy Fall everyone, it's beautiful here around our place, I just can't soak up enough of it. After a long 4 months of watching and waiting for our new backyard garden scape to come alive, it's just about finished!

I'll be sharing "more" of our backyard garden retreat soon. First up is a new "Blog Design" that I've spent months contemplating over what changes I'd like and how to make my blog home here look a bit more personal and more like "Me"...!! One change will be this blog title, loved it at first however

I just don't feel it fits "Me"...!! 
So I'll be back in a few weeks with a "new version" of my blog. And one feature will be a place to tell "My Story". I've always wanted to write a book and now its time. And it will be written, chapter by chapter, right here.

So hang tight and please check back soon.

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Until next time, Cheers, Dianne

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