Goodbye Winter

Burrrr, seems it's been the "Word of the Month"..!! And looking out my window waiting for green to appear, we're starting on spring decorating next week. So packing up winter and bringing out spring. No more "Frozen Pond" and snow, no, positive thinking here.
Ok, I'll admit, we really enjoyed seeing all the seasons of our new garden . Fall was beautiful and winter was amazing. 
As pretty as it was all frozen over, we are excited to watch it transform back into a lush, blossom filled oasis. I'm "Dreaming" of long evenings spent out in our garden, surrounded by luscious greenery, colorful flowers and the sound of that waterfall reminding me of "Yes, Life IS but a Dream"…!!
These were our daisies still in full bloom in mid October..!!! I just know they can't wait to pop back out. 
As for now….."I'm DREAMING of Spring"…

Have Faith, Look Up, Dream Big

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