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I HAVE A STORY TO TELL….yes, and I'm telling it right here on my blog. Chapter by Chapter of many trials, set backs and yet determination to get up and start all over only to finally find the success I've always DREAMED of. I did it and you can too. I hope you'll follow me as I tell MY STORY while adding fun, inspiration, tips and ideas for home and business.

Life Is But A Dream  is a place to inspire you to reach out and grab a little confidence to create the life you dream of and deserve, by starting where you are and using what you have. You'll find inspiration, ideas, sources, instructions, frills and charming rules for making your life more beautiful. And yes, you'll also find things that may be beyond your reach for now, but isn't that what it's all about, DREAMING....!!! 

Sometimes we all need to  realize, life is not always about getting everything you want, it's about the journey that you take to get it.

So while we wait for our dreams to become real, let's keep dreaming of ways to get there and maybe one day we will WAKE UP and realize that yes,
Life Is But A Dream..... 

And that's exactly what I did, I "never" gave up and because of that and a LOT of very hard work and determination, my dreams came true. And this is MY STORY BLOG of how I did it. I hope I can inspire YOU to reach for your dreams too........
Have faith...Look up...Dream Big...:)

Have Faith, Look Up, Dream Big

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